Good Morning Darling

I reached over to his side of the bed, cold emptiness greeted my hands. I fought the sleep weighing on my eyelids. A sigh pushed its way out


He must be at it again. It’s the third time this week! He always leaves at the break of dawn.


I propped up on my elbows, and squinted to adapt to the dim light of the early morning. Scanning the room, I noticed something dark on the wall next to the vanity mirror. Curious, I swung my feet onto the floor, the boards groaned with protest. I stumble towards the wall my legs clearly still in slumber. The wall came into focus, revealing a grim crack that extended towards the towering ceiling.


This place is falling apart.


I picked at the peeling wallpaper.


 We could at least renovate this year


A distant buzzing snapped me back to the moment.


Where are my glasses? What was I doing last night before I slept? Was I reading? No, the kids drained me last night.


I clawed through the vanity drawers but in vain. I rubbed my temples, noticing my reflection, running my hands through my damp hair it dawned on me.


I showered before I slept


I found my way to our bathroom door, I yanked the door but it wouldn’t open.


“Be gentle, Sarah” his words echoed in corners of my mind.


A gentle turn to the handle made a click that let me through. The metallic aroma of the plumbing diminished any trace of sleep. I found my lopsided glasses perched on the sink, I examined the fogged lenses and with the hem of my plum nightgown, wiped them clean. I placed them on my face, a distorted reflection stared back at me, amber eyes scolding me.


You deserve better.


I shoved the thought out of my head, before leaving the room. I hustled down the hallway slamming straight into my son’s toy box. I muffled a cry of agony, as I doubled over my battered toes.


Jordan! How many times have I told you to put your toys away!


The front door creaked as I stepped out onto the patio. The cool summer breeze caressed my body, the chirping of birds announced my emergence. I savoured the morning’s glory, listening to the gentle symphony of rustling leaves.


The rumbling of engines silenced the orchestra like cymbals at the end of a crescendo. My eyes snapped open aiming for the clear lilac sky, darting from one end of the heavens to the other.


Where are you? Why is this the only way that relieves your stress?


As though on cue, the blood red jet engine came into view, magnifying with every passing moment. The plane made a nosedive, the blood drained from my face, the plane swooped and looped while my heart mirrored it’s every move. Finally it levelled, just low enough for me to see him. He flashed his dashing smile, I waved back forcing a smile onto my pale face.


Damn it Matthew! That plane will be the end of us.


The Presentation

The Sun’s bright rays glared at my eyes.

                Why is the Sun so bright this early in the morning? WHAT?!

I threw the sheets off and hunted for my phone between the clutters. I spotted it next to my laptop below a pile of photos. It was dead.

No, No, No! Where did I put my charger?

Phone in hand I stormed out of my room towards the dim lit kitchen. The charger was plugged in, I fumbled to connect it to my phone. I switch it on, gritting my teeth.


Come on! Come ON!!

Finally my phone gleefully revealed my dread! It was 9:30 already! My presentation starts in 30 minutes and I’m still here in my kitchen half dressed. My mind raced.

                I need to fly out of here

I dashed back into my room, yanked open the wardrobe, pulled out a suit and shirt fresh from the dry cleaners.

                Bless you Mama for reminding me.

To the bathroom

                My body obeying like a good soldier.

                Hurry, Hurry

Moments later I had my shirt and suit pants on, I flung on my jacket, stuffed a tie into my pocket, then I grabbed my phone with one hand and my shoes with the other.

Sprint! You don’t need your laptop, you’ve emailed the presentation to Dave last night.

I called the elevator

I don’t have time for this, the stairs!

I darted towards the stairs taking three steps at a time I made it to the ground floor. My phone pinged demanding more time on the charger as it declared that I had 15 minutes to get to the office. I slid my feet in my shoes and ran to my bike.

                It’s rush hour, you’ll never make it if you take a cab

“Late again Tom?”

Sweet Mrs Green, she must have just came back from walking Buster, her Dalmatian. I could only smile and nod.

“Well, what are you waiting for? It’s your big day isn’t it?” She held open the building door for me, I pedaled through, buster barking in encouragement.

Dodging angry pedestrians on the side walk I pushed my legs to pedal faster.

I can make it in 5 minutes, just take a right turn after this crossroad.

As I crossed the road I heard a loud screech, then I was flying in the air, my bike and I parted.

Is that the ground?

Hitting the ground wasn’t what I expected, I thought it would hurt more. A warm metallic taste flooded my mouth. I could see shoes, many different shades of leather. Muffled shouts made it through the humming in my ears.

“He came out of nowhere!”

“Someone call for help”

Moments later, a figure kneeled next to me, fingers pressed on my neck. Then something pulled at my eyelid and a bright light blasted, the light went as fast as it came. A face came into view.

“You’ll be alright”

Why did I get out of bed?


Bleep, Bleep, Bleep.

Why is that alarm so annoying, I’ll need to change it back

I opened my eyes, white walls, white sheets.

“Am I dead?”

“Barely, you had some trouble but you pulled through, welcome back”

A brunette, chocolate coloured skin wearing a lab coat.

She must be my doctor

“How are you feeling?”

“Now that you mention it, I feel like a train wreck”

She lifted a brow as she came over and held my wrist.

“Hmm. Do you remember what happened?”

I frowned, “I was on my bike, then I ………………. THE PESENTATION! What time is it?” I sat up with head spinning speed.

“Wow there” She eased me back to the bed, her soft skin slowing my heartbeat, “I’m sorry you must have missed it, you’ve been out for a couple of days now.”

“Couple of days?” Stunned, what happens now, was the promotion gone?

“Hey, I’m sure it was important, but at least you got through this in one piece.”

I knotted my brows “The car that hit me! Did they catch the guy?”

“That would be me.”

I turned my head to find a vision, holding a modest bouquet of white roses. I didn’t realize my jaw dropped until the doctor gently lifted it shut as though examining my head.

“How is he now Dr. Sherry?”

“Well, he’s very responsive, he remembers what happened so he should be out by tomorrow.”

My eyes were locked on the angel that put me here, her face spoke peace, her voice killed all the bitterness I felt. Those eyes, fields of green staring at me.


“Is it normal for him to space out like that?”

Dr. Sherry’s hazel eyes sparkled, “He’ll be okay by tomorrow”

“I’m sorry, you were saying something?”

“Oh yes,” she blushed and my heart fluttered, “I’m sorry for the accident. You see I was late for a meeting.” She fiddled with her ginger hair, “It’s no excuse, how can I make it up to you?” Guilt was written all over her freckled face. “I should have ….”

I held up my hand, I had to stop her, I couldn’t let her beat herself up like that.

“I should have looked before I crossed.”

Her rosy lips manifested a smile.

“Could I at least sign your cast?” she pointed towards my leg.


I didn’t realize my left leg was held captive in a cast.

“Yeah sure.”

She handed me the bouquet and pulled out a sharpie from her jeans back pocket.

I glanced at Dr. Sherry, She grinned as she scribbled something on my chart.

“So was the meeting urgent?”

He froze and stared at her feet, “I slept in, it was a presentation for my ad campaign”

“Natural Bubbles by any chance?”

Her eyes grew to the size of the Moon. “How did you know?”

“I was going to present your ad campaign”

She buried her face in her hands.

“Oh No!”

I could only laugh at her reaction, she peeked between her fingers and smiled.

“I’m so sorry Tom.”

“Well I guess now we know how you can make it up to me”

She pouted and frowned as though in deep thought

“We can discuss it over a cup of coffee when you are well enough to move around”

She leaned over and kissed my forehead. My tongue weighed a million tons, she walked out of the room, her smirk held back something.

“How will I call you?” I called after her but she already left.

Dr. Sherry placed my chart back, I puffed, frustrated that I had no way of contacting her.

“Rosy Baxton, pretty girl.”

Puzzled I stared at Dr. Sherry, she pointed towards my cast.

There it was, written in bright red, a number and her name Rosy Baxton.

This will be fun.


2017 …. I’ve got a bone to pick with you!!

I started the Year off like every other year, New Year’s Resolutions, some goals, promises of new commitments the whole shebang.

I was completely oblivious to what would happen during this fateful year. To put it briefly it was wave after wave of unfortunate events. But now that it is all over, I’m looking at the world with a new set of eyes.

For starters I started 2017 Obese! yes I was incredibly obese and I never wanted to admit that I could lose the weight in a short amount of time. My misfortunes made me drop 30 Kg!! Imagine that!! I only set a goal to drop a maximum of 10 Kg over the course of the Year! I dropped 30! (side note I gained a few Kg towards the end of the year but still!)

I realized what friends really are. They are the ones who stand by you in your time of need and actually let you be there in theirs. I should have known better but, I guess you got to learn some things the hard way. No Biggie!

So I had surgery! I lost most of the weight I wanted off (and I will get rid of the rest Just WATCH me!). So I lost a couple of friends! I made new friends, met amazing and wonderful people.

2017, I got something to say to you! Sure you were tough, and yes I’ve been in a lot of pain physically and emotionally but you know what? I’m glad you came. You gave me the momentum I need to turn my life around.

For this Year’s Resolutions I will focus on those who matter, I will develop myself professionally, I will explore my talents which I hope will take me to new places and meet more amazing people! 2018 BRING IT ON!!!


So how was 2017 with you? If it wasn’t so great let me tell you there is a silver lining somewhere. Find it. You won’t regret it.


img_20171129_185125.jpgAn evening spent at the theater. I wasn’t sure about the story line until it came to the very end. And that was when the throwback happened.
Usually you feel nostalgic and happy when you #TB, but that wasn’t the case here.
The play takes you back to the year 2006, and I remember that year vividly. It was the year Egypt won it’s fifth African Cup. I remember the celebrations in the streets the media coverage, everything happy. Little did I know the magnitude of a tragedy that was happening at the same time. The wreckage of a ship carrying thousands of souls lost in the Red Sea.
At that time,You didn’t realise the tragedy of an event unless you lived it.
The trials held for those responsible for the deaths of those souls were a joke. The verdict ‘Not Guilty’.
It pained me to have lived during that time and to have been oblivious to these events. Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance means that you turned your back on those who needed your support, every voice counts no matter how small.
I cried during that performance not just moved by the emotions beautifully portrayed by the actors. But also to my own ignorance, I have newspaper clippings of the Egyptian team and I know the names of the players who reaped victory but I had no recollection of any of the victims of the wreckage of ‘El Salam 98’
Who’s to blame? The media, the politicians? The justice system? That is a question we could debate on its answer. However, We are responsible of our own negligence.

Commit … Commit … Commit

This is my alarm label. It’s kinda a big statement here made up of 1 word.

(If you are a GOT fan you can add the bell from the walk of Shame after each one and say ‘commit’ in your head with Sister Ulena’s voice)

This is what I decided to do when I read the first few chapters of ‘The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod’.

Today was my first day and I will give this theory a shot cause I feel that much better. If you have read the book I think you can relate, if you haven’t then I recommend it don’t miss it it could change your life. I have a good feeling about it.

I decided to also commit not only to actually waking up when the alarm goes off, I want to keep track of my emotions. A homework set by our dear friend Dina Farid after giving us a session on emotional intelligence.

Maybe this is a turning point in my life, I’m taking a chance and I hope everyone reading this post would consider.

#The_Miracle_Morning #Friends_are_best_support #This_is_it

I kneel

In the ebony darkness of the night
I kneel down before thee
My Lord, I raise my hands to thy heavens
In hope to seek thy acceptance
for i am your humble servant
burdened with my sins of my time
weakened by those devils of mine
I kneel down before thee
not to ask for wealth nor fame
neither a glory nor plead for mercy
for i’ve played games and tasted pleasures
I pray to thee my mighty Lord
to lighten my path to seek my way to find my quest.

Nay I have found my quest
In thy Holy presence I found my quest
My Journy begins now and to you my Lord, I belong
Life is short, True and not long
Thus i must start with haste
and time I shall not waste
What was done is done i will not ask for mercy
Though I know my Lord, Forgives

I shall not plunder for the riches of the worlds
nor seek the marble and ivory stairs to the treasures of man
I seek thy throne my Lord, Thy Throne
to kneel down and gaze in thy presence

Let my eyes keep the ebony of the night
let my ears hear the sound of silence
let my hands feel air. for i will remain
I still kneel down
to raise my hands to thy Heavens

First blog post

So, this is my very first blog post!

Well, I suppose you should try something new every now and then. Although I’m typing this at 5 a.m. but I guess now is a good time as any.

I’m going to try and introduce myself, so here goes …

My name is Iman El-Mofty (you can write it with an ‘E’ if you prefer I don’t really mind, whatever makes you happy) and I live in the largest City in Africa, Cairo Egypt. Yes the land of the Pharaohs, and the Great Pyramids are 30 minutes away from where I live. I just want to be clear on one little matter, If you are not from Egypt or never been here or anywhere in the region I have a misconception I would like to address, WE don’t ride camels and horses to work or school every morning, we have passed the 20th century as well you know, we do have cars and other modes of transport that have an engine :).

Speaking of which, I don’t own a car, however I do take public transport and this is sort of the reason why I’m writing the blog. You see I’ve been a public transporter for about +10 years, and I’ve noticed that my best ideas sort of manifest themselves when I’m on the bus or any other mode of transport (preferably sitting quietly and minding my own business).

These ideas sort of serve me for work related issues (I teach Middle School science/Chemistry) but sometimes I get creative. Now I’m not claiming that I’m some sort of artist but I could produce some decent artwork, that being drawn, crafted or written.

To be honest this blog was not my idea. A wonderful, amazing and inspiring friend of mine read one of my random pieces and encouraged me to take this step. “You CAN write” she told me. At this present moment, My friend has recently published her own novel, “Fabulous Veils” , and has her book signing event Tomorrow! She has had this dream for years and has finally worked through it to see that dream manifest itself into pages published to be sold in bookstores all over the City. I am Thrilled and excited to read her novel for I know how powerful her words can be. I wish her the best and hope to see her conquer even more dreams to shift paradigms that need changing in our culture.

As for little ol’ me, I think my thoughts far too random to be channeled into one big project, I don’t think I have what it takes to be published. Well at least not for the time being. (This post is starting to get quite long, huh?).

So to wrap it up, I’m going to give this Blog idea a shot, maybe it will help organize my random thoughts created on my everyday commute (not work related preferably) so I’ll let my mind go wild online for a change.

If you are reading this I thank you for your support, your feedback is really appreciated. (If you don’t like my point of views it’s ok, either try to convince me otherwise or just let me be)

Just pushing through


We are nearing the end of the year, week 49 to be exact, 3 weeks to go!

It has been one remarkable year 2017, I have learnt so much, made new and amazing friends, reconnected with some old friends and gone through one of the toughest and most physically painful experience of my life.

For those who don’t know me, I’ve had an experience with a herniated disc and I had to have surgery at some point. but through all the pain I have learnt so much. I watched American late Shows (Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers are my favorite so far) and learnt about politics, I watched Youtube commentary Gamers (Markiplier and Jacksepticeye made me laugh through the pain) and opened my eyes to a care-free world where you can find simple entertainment watching someone else playing a game. I watched several series (House of Cards, Chance, Lucifer) even watched low budget series and so much more. I even lost weight!!

I did’t only get a chance to open my eyes to different horizons I also had the chance to reflect on myself. I was so focused on doing my job that I lost track of my life. I had a passion I needed to develop, writing, and I unfortunately didn’t give it the time of day. I decided I will have to change the way I live, I needed to get out there, meet more people and get a chance to experience new adventures.

So far, I have enrolled in a creative writing course, maybe I’ll finally complete my Novel (wish me luck with that). I have registered for a Diploma for Professional Educators at the AUC (I’m going back to basics – I used to love to study so here goes nothing). I even took some odd workshops and who knows I might even take guitar lessons, it’s on my bucket list so why not?

I guess what I’m trying to say, don’t let pain and suffering hold you back. My condition made me pause and think about what I’m doing with my life and how I was just wasting it away, I had to put a stop to the vortex that was draining my energy. I needed to start being more proactive and less reactive.

To me that herniated disc may have just been one of the key turning points of my life, and pushing though that may have just saved my life.

A New Life

The infamous Fatta … yum

A few days ago my cousin gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy. Bless her heart, she will start the bittersweet journey of motherhood. May the joyful days prevail and the hard times flow by smoothly.
Celebrating the arrival of a child in Egypt is fascinating, having lived in Kuwait for the entirety of my childhood, I have attended baby showers for the moms but not a celebration for the baby’s arrival.
There are 2 ways in which we celebrate a new life. Seboo’ which signifies a week after the baby’s birth. It is an ancient Egyptian ritual where 7 grains are placed in a clay jug, as a sign of wealth and prosperity as well as salt to fend off bad fortune and envy (very superstitious might I add). The baby is placed in a large seive and is gently rocked while one of the older women of the family strikes a copper mortar and pestle. The mother would step over her child seven times. All the while childern sing and pray for the baby to live a long happy life among his siblings. The children would then be given chocolates, nuts and other sweets, very festive!
Another way Egyptians celebrate a new life is known as A’keeka, this is where the family, friends and relatives are invited to a feast in the child’s honor. Families usually slaughter cattle for the occasion and cook the infamous Fatta.
Well, to be honest, I just enjoy the celebration regardless of how it is conducted. And a special message to the latest edition to our family, ‘Welcome to the World, AbdelRahman’ *in the voice of Jack Sparrow*


It’s been a year?! I need your help

So it has been a little over a year since my first blog.

I’m literally unaware of what I am doing to get any views but here is my reflection on the matter.

So, first and foremost, I haven’t been very consistent with my posts. Not very reliable I know. I will need your help on this matter. If you have read some of my work please let me know what you actually liked and what didn’t appeal to you. I won’t take it personally, it will help me straighten my act and will work harder on writing thoughts that actually matter to you and you can relate to.

I did write some poetry once upon a time so if you would like to read some of them let me know.

Feedback is an essential part of growth and I would really appreciate your insights.

Looking forward to reading all your comments and I hope I could reach your expectations.

Thanks in advance